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Convenient, reliable, affordable

When you’re paying out-of-pocket, you can save by buying at There are no coupons or gimmicks, just great prices on a unique class of generic prescription drugs. Authorized generics are identical* to the brand-name drug—at more affordable prices. Your order is delivered directly to your door and easy to buy online.

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“I recommend authorized generics to my patients because they get the identical brand-name drug at a much lower price.”
– Ron F. RPh

Authorized generics ensure a consistent prescription drug experience

Drug Experience When Switching from the Brand

Because the drugs are identical* to their brand-name counterparts, the experience will also be identical. Authorized generics will have the same texture, taste, smell, and feel as the brand-name drugs.


Most authorized generics are made in the same exact manufacturing facility as the brand-name drugs, by the brand-name companies that held the original patent on the drugs; they are simply marketed as generics under a private label, so the packaging and name are different.

Ask About Authorized Generics

The manufacture and marketing of authorized generics typically increase competition and help lower prices. In many cases, consumers have multiple buying options for their prescription drugs—regular generics,**authorized generics, and brand-name drugs.

The Authorized Generic Advantage

Regular generic drugs are required to have the same active ingredients, but are not required to have the same inactive ingredients, which could possibly lead to a different patient experience when switching from a brand-name drug.